LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

Image is coming as soon as first devices arrives from manufacturer…

Only 20 different component. What could you except for that?

For use in EU and India. Suitable band is software controlled. Fully hackable open source software design with CircuitPython language. Ready to use. Program includes advanced power saving techniques. Extreme small physical size yet powerful tracking device. Free subscription to mapping service. And there’s more!

Includes panic button which can send GPS coordinates to pre-selected recipients through SMS and email. Includes battery level monitoring service through LoRaWAN uplink. You can select where and how to send that data. It is automatically saved to database like all other messages from device. Only you have access to that data from backend which is password protected web site.

Tri-color LED indicates when battery is fully charged and when there is GPS fix. Red color is programmable and by default it is showing operational status of the device. Battery charging and programming through micro USB port.

Device is water resistant to IP65. It can be used outdoor. GPS position accuracy < 3 meters. Stand alone operation time from days to week depending on how often GPS tracking is made.

Advantages to use CircuitPython includes but not limited to:
Perfect choice for data logging applications. Internal storage is seen as USB storage device. Easily update your code. Since your code lives on the disk drive, you can edit it whenever you like. And Python is fastest-growing programming language. It’s taught in schools and universities.

Internal battery voltage 3.7V, battery type LiPo and capacity 105mA. Integrated charging circuit from USB port whenever USB is connected to computer. Over and under voltage protected. Automatic switch between USB and battery depending on USB connection.

Physical dimensions of durable black ABS plastic enclosure are 36mm x 66mm. Height only 17mm. It includes a key fob ring so you can connect it to keys and never lose those keys again!

Usage examples includes ofcourse person tracking obviously but also a industrial logistics tracking applications. And many more. It can freely adopted to different usages by simply changing Python code inside it. And it’s easy than plugging it into computer. It shows up a external drive where you can put your code and it is run instantly!

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